Breast Implants Perth

Breast augmentation has gained a lot of popularity among women in Australia. There are so many surgeons who offer breast implants in Perth; therefore, you need to take your time to ensure that your surgeon is qualified and has the experience needed. Dr. Martin is a well known plastic surgeon in Perth and offers a range of cosmetic surgery services including breast lifts, breast reduction, and breast implants. He is a member of the Australian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons , and FRACS.

There are different reasons why women opt for breast augmentation. Apart from increasing the size of breasts and improving their shape, sometimes breast augmentation is done to correct inconsistencies like breasts having varying sizes, reconstructing the breast because of an unfortunate event or accident and many other circumstances. Breast implants come in different sizes, shapes and textures.

Whatever the reason for wanting to undergo a breast augmentation procedure, Dr Martin is one of the most skilled plastic surgeons in Australia and with him you will be in good hands.

Breast Implants

So many women seek to improve the physical look of their breasts.
This improvement may be achieved by either increasing the size of your breasts with breast implants or enhancing the shape of breasts. Dr. Martin has helped thousands of women in Perth and all around Australia to achieve their desired look of their breasts.
There are different options available that can be applied to achieve your goal depending on your requirements. They include breast implants, breast reductions and breast lifts.

Breast Lift

There are various body changes in women that occur as they grow old.
One such occurrence is the effect of gravity on their breasts.
Furthermore, women who have given birth and breastfed have breasts that tend to sag or lose their shape. To correct this condition, many women go through breast augmentation and use breast implants in place of lost size.

Breast Reduction

Women are created differently, and the shapes and sizes of their breasts also differ. Not every woman is happy with the natural look of her breasts. Some women have very small breasts, and may wish to change their appearance. On the other hand, some women have very large breasts that become a burden to carry around. Dr. Martin can help you reduce your breasts to a comfortable size that your desire. In most cases, women who have large breasts complain about back problems because of the added weight to the upper back. This is the most common reason as to why some women undertake a breast reduction. Some women also undertake a breast reduction so that their breasts are in proportion to the rest of their body.